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ABOUT Marcus

Marcus C. Evans, Jr. is from the community,


Marcus was born and raised on Chicago's south side. ears, Marcus attended Morgan Park High School where he developed a passion for public service, innovation, and business. Marcus is a current resident of the Avalon Park community. 


"I love the Southside and the Southland; they are both my home now and forever.  Doing whats right for these communities is easy because they made me who I am."  -- Marcus




Marcus C. Evans, Jr. is a cancer survivor and advocate,


Marcus graduated high school and shortly afterwards began experiencing serious health issues, which got progressively worst.  By 2006 Marcus was near death and his family was losing hope.  Doctors did not have answers and time was running out.  Finally in July of 2006 an answer was found but not one that any one wanted to hear.  Marcus was diagnosed at the age of twenty one with Cancer.  To make matters worst Marcus had a tumor obstructing his breathing, restricting his eating and breathing.  Doctors told his mother and family that there was hope but no promises could made; his family and friends stood together and hoped and prayed for the best.



Marcus endured an extremely serious surgery and was made to take months of chemotherapy to battle this horrible disease. Prayers were answered and to the surprise of some of his doctors Marcus made it and is now Cancer free.


"I remember sitting at home after one of my horrible chemotherapy sessions thinking I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy.  I thought why me for a moment and depression almost set in, but I quickly turned that into what can I do." -- Marcus 


After defying the odds Marcus needed a way to transfer his pain into hope for someone else.  So, in 2008 Marcus found a number for the American Cancer Society and told the lady on the phone that he wanted to joing the fight against Cancer. She connected his with a woman named Dee Winters, who was coordinating a Relay Event at beautiful Wolf Lake on the East Side.  This was Marcus' first event as an advocate and he has since then continue to be an advocate for hope.


"Advocating and encouraging others was a way for me to heal personally and to work toward seeing the end of Cancer; I am an advocate then and an advocate forever" -- Marcus




Marcus C. Evans, Jr. is in Springfield for the people of South Side of Chicago, the Southland and all of Illinois


Marcus entered the Illinois General Assembly in 2012, working previously for years with 8th Ward of Chicago Alderman Michelle A. Harris.  He understood the importance of quality hard working representative and took off immediately. During his first two months in office he carried major legislation to help improve the environment and bring economic development to the area.  Marcus continues to raise the bar, sponsor and support real impact legislation to help spur economic development, create jobs and get the State of Illinois going in the right direction.


"I am serious about being a quality representative of my community, and fighting for whats right in Springfield." -- Marcus




Marcus C. Evans, Jr. has the experience, energy and passion now and for the future,